Plainfield & Chicagoland Radiant Heating Services

Reliable radiant heating repairs and installations in Plainfield and the surrounding Chicago suburbs.

Stepping out of bed on a cold winter morning onto a warm floor is one of the most soothing sensations you can experience. The comfort of radiant heating is evident when your frigid toes meet its warmth. There’s no wrong side of the bed to get up from.

TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers radiant heat repair and radiant heat installation services to Plainfield, IL and Chicagoland homeowners. Change the way you wake up by allowing one of our technicians to install floor heating.

Plainfield Underfloor Heating Services

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Why Choose Radiant Heating?

Rather than increase the temperature of the air, radiant heating focuses on warming surfaces. It’s most commonly installed within the flooring. Heated tubes run beneath the surface and warmth radiates outward.

A big advantage with radiant heating is due to the fact it warms up surfaces instead of the air, there are no ducts needed. When air travels through a ventilation system, there’s chance dust and debris will be carried along with it. Radiant heating doesn’t require any air circulation, which means you don’t have to worry about air quality. It’s also silent and gives you the option of setting up heating zones so you don’t have to heat up rooms that are empty.

Another benefit of radiant heating is better energy efficiency. You can lower the temperature on your thermostat while taking advantage of any radiant heat. This can reduce monthly utility costs.

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Professional Radiant Heat Installation

When installing a radiant heating system, tubing is placed underneath the surface. The tubes are heated by either a boiler or electrically. It’s crucial that everything is laid out or wired correctly in order for the system to function. Hiring a professional will make sure all of the connections are safe and secure.

Service You Can Count On

Here at TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we take pride in our workmanship and affordable pricing. We also like to boast about our award-winning customer service. The safety and comfort of your family is top of mind in all of our technicians.

We also provide emergency services! If your radiant heating system needs repairs at any time, just give us a call. We’ll roll up with one of our fully stocked vehicles and a trained technician will take control of the situation.

Homeowners in the Plainfield, IL, and Chicagoland area trust us to be their underfloor heating company. Install a system to warm up your home during winter while keeping energy costs down. Call us at 815-472-7110 today and book an appointment!