The thick, damp humid air of summer has left the Plainfield area for another year (don’t worry it will be back!)

Enter the dry, warm air of the heated home in winter.  That dry air can cause some uncomfortable issues.

Why Does Dry Air Matter?

Dry air makes it easier for allergens and bacteria to spread through your home.  Your respiratory system is coated with fluid to protect you from airborne irritants, however dry air can thin the fluid and make it easier for your airways to become irritated or infected.

Cold temperatures combined with dry indoor air can cause:

  • Coughing and/or runny nose.
  • Dry/sore throat.
  • Flaky, itchy skin.
  • Feeling thirsty or tired.
  • Increased asthma symptoms.

Worst of all, dry air can make it easier for the flu or other viruses to spread.

Do You Need a Humidifier?

The best indicator of needing a humidifier is your personal comfort.  If you experience dry and itchy skin, feel tired all the time, have nosebleeds, or just feel uncomfortable in your home a humidifier may be a great investment.

In addition to health problems, dry air can also cause property damage.  Dry air can harm wooden furniture, hardwood flooring, or other personal items that can be ruined if they get too dried out.

The recommended humidity level for comfort is 30% to 60%.  A hygrometer is the best way to measure humidity levels in your home.  If your humidity level is too low, you are feeling sick all the time, or you are just uncomfortable a humidifier is recommended.  (In fact, many physicians will recommend a humidifier.)

Home Humidification Options

There are several options when using a humidifier in your home.  There are portable units that can be placed in specific rooms.  However, depending on the size of your home or number of rooms you would need to purchase several humidifiers for full coverage.

Whole house humidifiers are a great option to keep humidification at the desired levels.  Whole home humidifiers are designed to over a large area and discharge moisture to all rooms in your home.  Whole home humidifiers may contain a built-in humidistat, so you can set the humidity level.

Don’t over-humidify your home, it is important to find the proper moisture balance for optimal comfort and health.

At TR Miller Heating and Cooling we offer several options in whole-home humidification.  We can help you select the right unit and install it for you.  There are also rebates available on select units right now.  Please take a look at our home humidification products and call us for a free estimate and have optimal moisture levels this winter!


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