woman breathing in clean airYour indoor air quality in Plainfield, IL, can be compromised by a dirty HVAC filter. If you suspect a problem with your indoor air, a professional can perform air quality testing. Your furnace or air conditioner may need a new filter. A replacement heating or cooling system filter can dramatically reduce the dust and allergens inside your home.

    Clean air filters are integral to the cleanliness of your home. If your filters need cleaning, you may notice dust accumulating on tables and other surfaces. It doesn’t matter how often you dust — a filter that’s dirty will keep releasing particles.

    Indoor Air Quality Services

    If you want to improve the indoor air quality in your Plainfield home, you need professional intervention. Your HVAC specialist can perform air quality testing to determine the severity of the problem. A filter that’s caked with dust and dirt may not trap particulate matter. In fact, a dirty air conditioning or furnace filter can make the problem worse.

    Reasons You Need New HVAC Filters:
    • You notice dust floating in the air
    • Your air quality test indicates indoor pollution
    • Energy bills are higher
    • Allergy symptoms worsen

    Air filterSometimes you can see visible dust in the air, which indicates the need for a new filter. In some cases, you may notice visible dust. However, there still may be undetectable pollutants in your indoor air. Your air quality test will reveal the quality of the air inside your home. From there, you’re better equipped to decide if you need new filters and what kind. There are HEPA filters to remove microscopic particles from the air.

    You may not realize it, but higher energy bills and old HVAC filters may be connected. If your filters are dirty, the airflow is poor. Your furnace or heat pump must work harder to accommodate for the compromised filters. In turn, you may notice a spike in your heating and cooling costs.

    While your HVAC tech is installing new filters, they can take a look at your system to detect potential problems. Regular air filter maintenance and HVAC inspections help keep your heat and AC running smoothly and your air clean. That’s another reason to have a professional take care of your air quality needs rather than attempting to DIY.

    Professional filters may be superior to store-bought filters for a variety of reasons. It’s important to choose a filter that’s the right size for your system. Your indoor air specialist has not only the right size, but the right type of filter for your furnace or heat pump. Having a professional tend to your air quality can save time and money in the long run and ensure you breathe the healthiest air possible.

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    Call for Air Quality Testing in Plainfield

    TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can evaluate your indoor air quality. Along with air quality testing, our licensed technicians can install or replace air filters. With air quality testing, you can ensure the air inside your home is clean as possible. Once your air is tested, the technician will recommend the best course of action to improve it.

    Call us to schedule a consultation or reach out through our website. Our expert team is licensed and certified to ensure the job is done right. There’s financing available on approved credit, and we have a service membership that may help you save.

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