Ductless Mini Split AC Systems in Plainfield, ILInstalling ductless mini splits in your Plainfield, IL home, might be one of the best things you do this year. Ductless mini splits come with many advantages. The biggest advantage is the ability to zone and cool only certain rooms. Another is their small size. These units don’t need ductwork to cool your home. This makes them ideal for smaller homes, older homes that don’t have ductwork already installed, and even mother-in-law suites or possibly that apartment you have over your garage. These systems are highly efficient for a number of reasons. A mini-split installation may be exactly what you are looking for to cool your home as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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    Quality Ductless Mini Splits in Plainfield

    Ductless mini splits are made up of two main parts: the indoor handling unit, and the outdoor compressor. These units are connected by flexible, copper tubing. Refrigerant is circulated throughout both units with the tubing. Supply and return ducts are connected to the indoor unit and circulate the cooled air throughout your home. One of the main reasons why mini splits are so efficient is because of this system. Rather than air being cooled in an outdoor compressor and then pushed throughout the home, the mini-split system cools the air on its way to its destination. Conventional units lose a large amount of the cooled air within the air ducts, but thankfully, this isn’t the case with mini-splits. Pair this with the ability to control each thermostat throughout your home and you have the main advantages of a mini-split.

    Mini-Split Installation in Plainfield, IL

    Have a guest room you never use? With a ductless mini split installation, you don’t have to cool it to the degree you cool your bedroom. Also, you can cool your bedroom for example to a lower temperature at night while keeping the rest of your home at a warmer temperature if you choose. You won’t get that kind of flexibility with a conventional HVAC system.

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    Benefits of ductless mini-splits include:
    • Better flexibility
    • They are environmentally friendly
    • More energy efficient than other units
    • You can add as many units as you want
    • They offer more control over the temperature of your home

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    Ductless Mini-Splits in Plainfield, IL

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