Boiler Installation and RepairA boiler can act as a water heater alone or supply your central heating system with steam. These units play an integral role in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. If your boiler malfunctions, you can count on us to get it working again—and fast.

    At TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’re more than just a boiler repair company. We also offer professional boiler installation and maintenance in Downers Grove, IL, among other top-quality plumbing and heating services.

    Reliable Boiler Repair Service

    Our boiler repair services are fast and reliable to ensure that your household has a steady supply of hot water during the cold winter months.

    Here are the most common boiler defects:
    • A build-up of minerals: Such as calcium, magnesium, or hard water can damage your boiler. Mineral deposits cause loud banging noises and increase the risk of leaks.
    • Boiler leaks: May indicate corrosion in your boiler tank. If the leak comes from the pressure valve or pump, we have to repair or replace these components.
    • Pilot light or electronic ignition problems: Prevent you from lighting the main burners that heat the water.
    • No heat: Can be the result of many different causes. In most cases, a pilot light, safety switch, or broken thermostat is to blame.

    Do You Need a Boiler Replacement?

    Older boiler systems have efficiencies ranging from around 60% to 70%, where a modern unit can have energy efficiency as high as 99%. If your boiler is old and inefficient or has an oversized capacity, we will typically recommend a replacement.

    Low winter temperatures in Downers Grove, IL means investing in a system with the highest efficiency usually makes financial sense.

    Did your heating system break down? Contact us for a professional heater repair.

    Best Boiler Repair Team

    Schedule Routine Boiler Maintenance

    With regular maintenance, you can ensure that your boiler always functions reliably and efficiently.

    We offer professional boiler maintenance services that include:
    • Inspecting your boiler to check for potential defects.
    • Testing the unit’s pressure relief valve.
    • Testing the boiler’s high-limit control.
    • A pressure tank inspection.
    • Thoroughly cleaning the boiler’s heat exchanger.
    • Checking the boiler tank for corrosion or mineral deposits.
    • Examining any connected systems, such as your plumbing.

    Regular maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it keeps your heating costs low, your family safe, and prevents inconvenient breakdowns.

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