Are you in the middle of a home remodeling project? If so, have you considered how to keep your home’s air quality as clean as possible during and after your renovation?

Planning a renovation is no easy feat, but with professional assistance from your local HVAC service provider, you can ensure whole-home comfort that includes clean, healthy air flowing through every room.

Consider the 3 following tips and tricks to keep your stress to a minimum during a home remodel:

Keep Air Pollution Outside with the Right HVAC Technology

During a renovation, contractors are coming in and out of your house constantly; windows need to be kept open, and plenty of other factors that increase the amount of air pollution inside your home.

To combat these issues, consider investing in HVAC technology like a whole-home air purifying system. An air purifier works to eliminate contaminants such as dust, dirt, and debris from your renovation and the external air that seeps inside.

Plan for Whole-Home Comfort

While you’re planning your home renovation, keep in mind the everyday activities and routines that take place within the walls of your home. Your house is a sanctuary for you and your family members, and part of its job is to make sure that you have healthy, clean air flowing through your ventilation system.

A great way to ensure this whole-home comfort during and after your home renovations is to schedule an appointment for an in-depth duct cleaning service. Clean air can flow much easier through unobstructed vents and ducts, making clean air more accessible, and your HVAC system more efficient.

Why Should You Change Your Air Filter Regularly?

Changing your air filter regularly will not only keep your interior air clean, but also it will save plenty of energy – making it a good choice for your wallet and the environment.

When an HVAC air filter is clogged with dust, dirt, pet air, and other obstructive debris, your whole HVAC system is forced to use more energy to push clean air through.

Luckily, when you regularly check your air filter during your home renovation and in the future, you can catch a clogged air filter earlier, saving you money on your energy bill and increasing the cost-effectiveness of the HVAC system.

Don’t let your home’s air quality become an issue during your major renovation. Make indoor air quality a priority and save yourself time and money moving forward, enjoying whole-home comfort along the way.

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