While the weather is still warm, it’s a good idea to get a few of these items done before it gets too cold.  Get your home ready before winter with this Fall maintenance to-do list.

¨  Repaint exterior paint that is peeling or chipping.

¨  Check windows and doors for gaps; seal, caulk or weatherstrip as needed.

¨  Clean gutters and downspouts.

¨  Patch concrete cracks.

¨  Seal the concrete areas.

¨  Replace rotten boards on decking.

¨  Seal or paint deck if needed.

¨  Plant trees now (best time to plant them!)

¨  Aerate and seen the lawn.

¨  Organize the garage to store the summer stuff.

¨  Clean the patio furniture and cover or store away.

¨  Cover the grill or put in garage/shed.

¨  Run lawnmower to drain gas after last use of season.

¨  Inspect and clean fireplace and chimney.

¨  Switch ceiling fans to run clockwise.

¨  Check air filters for cleaning or replacement.

¨  Have your furnace inspected and cleaned (get a coupon here!)

Be ready for winter and its harsh weather.  Making sure your house is in good shape will save you money and prevent expensive home repairs.  Taking care to store away your summer furniture and things will save money from having to re-purchase again next year.

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