If staying cool and worry-free in the summer is important to you, then consider calling for a spring air conditioner clean and check now.  Having the AC unit serviced will not only keep the temperature cool, but will keep your blood pressure down when you don’t have the added concern about paying for an expensive emergency call on the hottest Sunday of the year.

The cost of regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning equipment can extend their lives by several years, and save up to 15% a month on energy bills.  When you add in the possible savings when the HVAC professional finds and fixes small problems before they grow into larger and more costly ones, and you will appreciate how valuable these service calls can be.

A well-maintained unit can last up to twice as long as a unit that gets ignored.  Units that are not maintained can also lose up to 5% of their efficiency each year, leading to higher energy bills and a more uncomfortable home. 

Homeowners can play their part by changing filters on their ventilation and cooling system at least four times a year (more if there is a lot of dust in the air from construction.)   They should also clean the area around the AC unit, keeping weeds, bushes and leaves away from the unit to facilitate good air flow.    

You’re AC tune-up should include:

  • Inspection of the entire system
  • Cleaning of all coils
  • Condensate line cleaned and drained
  • Lubrication of all moving mechanical parts
  • Replacement of the air filter
  • a check of the thermostat controls and system wiring
  • Fluid and pressure levels checked

T.R. Miller Heating and Cooling offers yearly maintenance agreements that will take the “heat” off for you. 

The advantages of a maintenance agreement include:

  • Longer Equipment Life
  • Higher Efficiencies
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Greater Peace of Mind
  • 15% off parts
  • 13-point Safety Check

And they will call you to set up the tune-up, so you will not even have to put a reminder on your calendar!

Call TR Miller today – And check out our Special Offers – (815) 265-6650.

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