Slab Leak RepairSlab leaks occur in piping beneath a home’s foundation or the cement “slab” as it’s often called. This hard-to-reach location makes slab leak detection problematic, and, as a result, these leaks often go undetected until they cause significant water damage.

    If you suspect you have a home foundation leak in Downers Grove, our team at TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can help. We have the specialized tools and qualified personnel to locate hidden slab leaks and repair them professionally and promptly. We serve all of Downers Grove, IL, and the surrounding areas.

    Not sure if the leak is in your foundation? Not a problem. Our leak detection techniques allow us to find leaks no matter where they are.

    Signs You May Have a Home Foundation Leak

    Slab leaks should never be ignored. They can cause severe structural damage to your home and can be costly to fix.

    While you typically can’t see a slab leak, they do often present with other noticeable issues:
    • Cracks in your flooring.
    • Running or dripping water sounds when no one is using the water.
    • Inexplicably higher water bills.
    • Standing water near your home’s foundation.
    • Unexplained mold and mildew problems.
    • Warm spots on your floor.

    Early detection and prompt slab leak repair are essential to avoid extensive damage. We understand how stressful a slab leak can be and have skilled slab leak repair experts standing by to assist. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.

    How We Find Slab Leaks

    We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure we can detect and repair slab leaks of all sizes—without damaging your home.

    Here is just some of the equipment we have on hand:
    • Electromagnetic pipeline locators: Electron signals enable our plumbers to locate and detect leaks beneath concrete slabs.
    • Electronic amplification equipment: These tools use sensitive sound sensors to locate spraying or dripping water.
    • Gas tracer systems: This equipment uses individual probes to detect deep leaks that listening equipment can’t locate.
    • Infrared cameras: Infrared cameras use temperature variations to locate leaks in walls and beneath the concrete.
    • Video inspection equipment: These cameras enable our plumbers to view the interior of pipes to locate and repair slab leaks.

    All our methods require no excavation and allow for fast, pocket-friendly leak detection. Get in touch with our team today to get started.

    Worried about flooding in your basement? Consider sump pump installation and keep your home dry!

    Why Choose Us?

    The only right way to deal with slab leaks is to call an experienced plumber, and we have the best plumbers in Downers Grove right here at TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Our experts have the equipment and expertise to diagnose these issues and deliver a safe and long-lasting solution.

    When you choose to work with us, you can expect:
    • Fully licensed and bonded technicians
    • The latest technology
    • No-mess work
    • Accurate on-site estimates

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