Repiping in Plainfield, ILDo you need repiping services in Plainfield, IL? As the name suggests, repiping involves replacing your old pipes with new ones. While this may seem like a long process, it comes with many benefits. These include improved water pressure, reduced leaks, and higher energy efficiency. A new pipe installation can even increase your home’s value. Keep reading to learn more about what this service is, why you might need it and where you can find it in Plainfield.

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    What is Repiping?

    In many cases, customers don’t understand what a repipe entails or why they would need this service. Most people assume that a repiping is the replacement of all water and drain lines and that it is a final solution to solve all plumbing-related issues.

    However, the specifics of this service vary from building to building. For example, some buildings may only require a partial pipe replacement.

    A repiping service can include any of the following:
    • Replacement of supply lines to the house.
    • Installation of new valves under sinks and toilets.
    • Replacement of the main shut-off to your home.

    A repiping service typically does not include the installation of water mains from the city meter to the house or the main sewer line from the house to the street.

    When Is Repiping Necessary?

    When hearing the word “repipe,” many people assume it means replacing all water and drain lines. In reality, a repipe is not a comprehensive solution designed for all plumbing problems. Rather, it’s a specific service that varies based on your needs. It might involve replacing supply lines, installing new valves or replacing your home’s main valve. Now that you know what a repipe is, you may be thinking: how do I know if I need one?

    We recommend that homeowners consider repiping if:
    • The building is older than fifty years and has never undergone a pipe replacement: Older buildings typically have galvanized pipes that tend to burst when they reach the end of their functional lifespan.
    • Water pressure is low as the result of mineral build-up inside the pipes: It is possible to remove the accumulation of calcium and magnesium, but a repiping is often the cost-effective alternative.
    • Water has a brown color: Aging pipe systems are prone to rust, which can be expensive to solve with a repair. In these cases, we may recommend a pipe replacement.
    • Pipe leaks are a common occurrence: If you have to fix leaking pipes once or twice per year, it may be an indication of an aging plumbing system.

    The first sign you need a repipe is consistently leaky pipes. High-quality pipes should not leak at all. If you’re dealing with leaks every year, your plumbing system may be old or damaged. A brass plumbing system generally lasts up to 70 years. Copper and galvanized steel systems, meanwhile, last up to 50 years.

    If you’re not sure how old the plumbing system is, consider the age of the building. Most buildings use galvanized plumbing systems. So, if a building is over 50 years old and has never undergone a repiping, it’s probably due for one. If the pipes aren’t updated, they may end up bursting.

    The last way to determine if you need a new pipe installation is by checking your water. Keep an eye out for low water pressure. In many cases, water pressure problems are caused by mineral build-ups. Over time, minerals like calcium and magnesium accumulate in your pipes, blocking water flow. While you can remove these substances, a pipe installation is usually more cost-effective and efficient.

    Another unwanted substance that can build up in your pipes is rust. When rust breaks down in the pipes, it can affect your water supply and turn it brown. Sometimes, discolored water cases can be solved with a repair. However, like with low water pressure, a pipe replacement is often more cost-effective and yields better results.

    If you have a water leak, it may be an isolated incident. Contact us to schedule a water leak detection service.

    Advantages of House Repiping Services

    There are several advantages to repiping your plumbing, including:
    • Increasing your home’s resale value
    • Sufficient water pressure
    • Elimination of water leaks
    • Saving on repair costs
    • More efficient water consumption

    Advantages of House Repiping Services

    Pipe Installation Experts in Plainfield

    From better water pressure to reduced repair problems, there are many benefits of a repipe. To get the best results, it’s important to work with a reputable team. At TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, our plumbers have years of experience in working with pipes. Whether you need new supply lines or different valves, you can trust us to handle the project.

    For every homeowner, we promise one-time, no hassle service. As a family owned and operated company, we recognize the importance of good customer service. That’s why we always provide personalized recommendations centered around your unique budget and preferences. Our dedication to customer needs has earned us an impressive record of 5-star reviews.

    When it comes to expert repiping services in Plainfield, TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has you covered. Contact us today to learn more!

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