Though you probably never think of it, your water heater does a lot of work every day.  It remains out of sight and out of mind until that morning you turn on the shower and realize there is no hot water.  However, like other appliances that need regular maintenance to perform properly, the water heater should be added to this list.

Water Heater Problems

Aside from lack of hot water, there are a few other issues to keep an eye out for to prevent a cold shower on a cold morning.  Checking for these items may prevent a complete loss of hot water.

1.  Not Enough Hot Water

If your shower is lasting the same amount of time in the morning, but your water is not staying hot for the duration it could be a simple fix.  First check the temperature on your tank’s thermostat, it may be as simple as raising the temperature (though careful not to raise it too high as it can be a scalding hazard.)

2.  Smelly Water

If your water suddenly has an odor it is a sign that the water has become infected with bacteria.  Signs of this bacteria are a rotten egg smelling odor.  This can usually be taken care of by flushing the tank and filling it with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide.  Allow the mixture to sit in the tank for 2 hours and flush with clean water.

3.  Noisy Tank

A water tank that makes noise could be a sign of a couple issues.  The first issue involves sediment in the bottom of the tank.  The heating element is burning off the sediment and this requires draining the water from the tank.  In fact, doing this at least once a year whether you have a noisy tank or not should be part of your regular maintenance of the tank.

If sediment is not the problem the noisy tank could mean that the heating element is burning out, requiring replacement of the heating element by a licensed professional.

4.  Leaking Tank

Unfortunately, once your tank leaks it is time for a replacement.    There is no solution for a leaky tank other than purchasing a new water heater.

5.  No Hot Water

When your tank is not producing hot water, it could be a simple thermostat issue, a faulty pilot light, or a defective heating element.  These are typically quick fixes.  However, if none of these fixes work it is time for a new water heater.

Water Heater Lifespan

A gas water heater can last around 8 to 12 years.  An electric water heater lasts around 10 years.

However routine inspections, draining and flushing the tank, and basic maintenance will extend the life of the unit.

Call a Professional

If you have an issue with your water heater or need assistance with any problems you encounter, TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can provide you with a professional and reliable water heating solution. Call us at (815) 472-7110 to tell us about your problem!

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