Summer is finally here!  Now that we can get outside and get outside with other people this year, it’s time to have some summer fun.

However, with all the extra guests, summer foods, and summer rain the plumbing system tends to be a bit strained, causing some summer plumbing problems.  However, most of these issues are easily solved.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Fix: Easy DIY but may require professional help.

From grilling meats to corn on the cob to summer melons, the barbecue foods are great.  Unfortunately, the garbage disposal does not love these foods as much as we do.

Putting fibrous fruits and vegetables, like watermelon rinds or corn husks or cobs, in the disposal can cause a clogged drain.  Additionally, bones from grilled chicken or ribs can pose a problem as well.

If you have inadvertently put something down into the disposal that shouldn’t have been put in, and you have a clog or a jammed disposal it is typically an easy fix.

For a clog, use a plunger to break up and remove the debris in 3 simple steps.

  1. Fill the sink with water.
  2. Work the plunger to break up the clog and dislodge it.
  3. Remove waste that comes up into the sink.

If the disposal is jammed, use an Allen wrench in the hole on the bottom of the unit to manually turn the blades and dislodge the debris.  Then (while the unit is OFF) reach in and pull out the debris and toss in garbage can.

If these resolutions do not fix your clog or the jam, you will likely need to call in a professional.

Clogged Toilet

Fix: DIY job, may require professional help.

Not a fun problem to have, however if you do have a clogged toilet, a few steps to try on your own before calling in a plumber can be tried.

  • Scoop excess water from the bowl leaving a couple inches at the bottom.
  • Use a toilet plunger to fit the drain hole, the remaining water in the bowl acts as a suction to create water pressure to dislodge the blockage. Repeat this step a couple times.
  • Use a snake or an auger. Turn the handle while feeding the auger into the toilet, the debris blocking the toilet should stick to the tip of the auger allowing it to be pulled free. NOTE: This option requires a bit of care, as most augers are metal and could result in chipping or scratching the toilet.

Basement Flooding

Fix: Call a professional.

Summer storms means a lot of extra water.  Your sump pump typically removes the water from the sump basin and discharges it away from your home, avoiding basement floods.  The sump pump operates with electricity, so if the summer storm knocks out power to your home, it means your sump pump will not work and your basement will likely flood.  A back up sump pump system is a great option to avoid mishaps.  Back up sump pump systems operate on a battery, so if the power is knocked out the sump pump will switch to batter power and keep operating.

Another good tip to avoid basement floods is to have your sump pump inspected by a professional.  Ensure the pump is in good working order so you can avoid a flood.

Call the Professionals

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