A garbage disposal makes like in the kitchen much easier.   However, while eliminating small scraps of food is easy as can be, there are some things that absolutely should not be put into the garbage disposal.

To prevent problems, it is recommended that you not put the following items into the garbage disposal:

  • -Coffee grounds
  • -Pasta, rice, oats
  • -Bread
  • -Bones
  • -Nuts, pits and seeds
  • -Eggshells
  • -Onions
  • -Potato peels
  • -Fibrous fruits and vegetables
  • -Grease

Your home’s plumbing system ensures a reliable in- and out-flow of water through various systems and components. When something goes wrong with your plumbing infrastructure, it can result in water damage, insufficient water supply, unsanitary conditions, and unnecessary costs.

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