Nothing lasts forever.  Most furnaces last around 10 to 20 years before needing to be replaced because of mechanical failure.

However, there are a few other reasons besides malfunction or age to replace your furnace.  While your furnace may not be old, it may need replacing.  An older furnace, even if it hasn’t hit the end of its lifespan, could be costing you money and could also be interfering with your comfort as well as creating an unsafe environment.

Why Upgrade Your Furnace

Regular maintenance of your entire HVAC system is recommended annually to ensure it continues running at peak efficiency.  Most system checks will alert you the need to replace worn parts before they cause a bigger problem and will let you know if your furnace is still operating safely.

However, while maintenance does prolong the life of your furnace, there are a few reasons you may want to consider replacing the unit before it becomes unsafe or finally stops operating.


1.    Lower Monthly Utility Bills

Older furnaces, no matter how well-cared for they are, will lose efficiency over time. The AFUE, annual fuel utilization efficiency, minimum for combustion furnaces is 80%, which means that 20% of the fuel a furnace using 80% AFUE is wasted.  New systems have an AFUE rating of 95% to 99%, which means they waste close to none of the fuel burned for home heating.

The less fuel needed to heat your home, the lower your monthly heating bills will be, additionally your furnace will run less often, which also reduces fuel consumption.

2.    Dodge Frequent (Costly) Repairs

Even with regular maintenance older furnaces typically require additional upkeep and repairs.  Constant repairs signal your unit is not functioning as it should and can cost you a lot more money overall.  If your furnace is not delivering reliable service it may be a good reason to upgrade your unit with a new, functional system. Saving money and the headache of emergency repairs.

3.    Increase Home Comfort

If you find that certain rooms in your home are not as warm as other areas in your home, or your unit seems to run constantly it may mean your system is no longer efficiently heating or cooling your home.  A new furnace will ensure heating (cooling) consistently throughout your home, keeping you comfortable.

4.    Safety First

Older furnaces can cause problems beyond high heating bills.  Older systems can leak, which can result in carbon monoxide build-up.  Replacing an older unit with a new unit is a safety issue as well.

Get a System Check

If you aren’t sure whether to replace your unit or if you would like to know if your system needs an upgrade give the professionals at TR Miller Heating and Cooling a call.  We have free estimates and we can help determine what you need to save money, keep comfortable, and stay safe!

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