There are things we Plainfield homeowners do every year that are just part of our home owning responsibilities.  We put out the hoses, we trim the bushes, we clean up the yard, we put the patio furniture back out, and we get the barbecue prepped for summer cookouts.

Cleaning and servicing the air conditioner absolutely needs to be added to the “to-do” list.  If you have an older unit and even if you have a new unit, maintaining your AC system will benefit you in the long-run.

1.    Spring Cleaning Preps for Peak Performance

As we get closer to summer it has likely been several months since the AC unit ran for any length of time.  Your air conditioner has been sitting idle through the fall and cold winter months.

Since it has been sitting for so long, unused, it is a good idea to have someone look at it to make sure it will run normally, and everything is still in working order.  A good sweep of the system can predict or prevent any unexpected issues.

2.    Regular Maintenance is Typically Cheaper than Repairs

While we can’t guarantee your unit won’t breakdown or have any issues throughout the summer, we can give your AC a good look to make sure all of its bits and pieces are functioning properly, and nothing needs to be replaced.  Preventative maintenance almost always costs less and assists in avoiding any problems.

If you have any older unit, preventative maintenance is necessary.  Having a professional tune-up ensures the system is operating properly, doesn’t have any older or “about to break” parts that need replacing, and can verify your system will function when you need it most.   A professional review of your older system can also point out any issues that could pop-up and give you information on replacement of the unit or system.

3.    A Tune-Up Increases Efficiency & Decreases Cooling Costs

Without regular maintenance, your A/C system can lose 5% of its operating efficiency each year, which means your house isn’t cooling as capably as it would if the unit were clean and maintained.

Additionally, when the unit isn’t operating at its peak efficiency and isn’t cooling properly, it will run more often, which means your utility bill increases each month as well. Running more often can also put a strain on the unit, which could also result in costly repairs.

So, you could end up paying higher bills, setting yourself up for unexpected, costly repairs, and be uncomfortably hot!

4.    A Well-Maintained AC Lasts Longer

Regular maintenance lowers the chance that something will breakdown, which lowers the number of repairs and can increase the life of the unit.  Not having the unit cleaned and checked out regularly will decrease its efficiency and could lead to more repairs and the potential breakdown of the until completely.   It will also keep the system functioning at the top of its game, preventing complications, and keeping it functioning like new.

5.    The EPA, EnergyStar and the USDE Recommend Regular Maintenance

The EPAEnergyStar, and the U.S. Department of Energy all recommend regular or annual air conditioner maintenance. Their recommendations are based on the reasons mentioned here, cost efficiency, performance efficiency, etc.

6.    Regular Maintenance Meets Warranty Guidelines

Ignoring maintenance can void your unit warranty.  Most new AC units come standard with a limited warranty from the manufacturer.  This warranty is usually based on the requirement that you keep your AC well-maintained.

Most unit manufacturers make this clear and will not provide replacement parts unless the unit is maintained by an HVAC professional.

Schedule Early & Beat the Crowds

Scheduling your AC tune-up with us now will get you a preferred time.  Most people aren’t thinking about their air conditioners yet (especially with the bit of April snowfall we just had!)  Thus, spring is typically a great time to get this chore out of the way.  Our technicians have more availability to accommodate your schedule.

Additionally, you will be ready to flip on that AC whenever the weather gets hot.

Ready to Schedule?

Our AC tune-ups are $89 and cover all the necessary areas to ensure your AC operates at peak performance this summer.  In addition to our awesome pricing, we do have a Membership Maintenance Package available.  Enjoy exclusive discounts, priority service, full annual AC and furnace tune-ups, and more.

Knock out two items on your “to-do” list and get your AC and furnace tuned up at the same time at a discounted rate.

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