Do you need new evaporator coils in Plainfield, IL? Of all the components of an AC system, the evaporator coil may be the most important. It is responsible for cooling the air in your home by absorbing heat and moisture.

    Evaporator coils are housed in the indoor unit, either inside the air handler or attached to the furnace. They can last 10 to 15 years or as long as the AC unit. When a coil begins to fail, you should have it repaired quickly, as it will lead to other problems.

    Bear in mind that you should never attempt to fix an evaporator coil yourself. Instead, call an HVAC specialist when you need evaporator coil replacement or repairs. A professional with the tools and expertise can correctly diagnose and fix the issue. Additionally, the refrigerant in the coils is toxic and can cause serious injury. A trained technician knows how to work around the chemical safely.

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    Quality Evaporator Coils in Plainfield

    Evaporator Coils in Plainfield How exactly do evaporator coils work? An air conditioning system does not produce cold air. It absorbs heat from the air inside your house and releases it outside, making indoor air cooler. It does this by circulating refrigerant that carries and removes heat.

    The evaporator coil absorbs the heat and transfers it to the refrigerant. The warm refrigerant flows into the outside unit, which releases the heat. This cycle continues until the temperature has dropped.

    Here are some of the common signs that something is wrong with your evaporator coils:
    • Reduced performance
    • Blowing warm air
    • Refrigerant leaks
    • Continuous cycling
    • Unusual noises

    Many of these problems result from a dirty evaporator coil. If the air filters are dirty, dust will settle on the coils. The system will have to work harder to cool the air. Here is where regular maintenance pays off. During a service visit, an AC technician will clean the evaporator coil, among other things. Cleaning coils is a messy job and is better left to the professionals.

    A dirty coil is also more likely to freeze because it cannot sufficiently warm the refrigerant. A frozen evaporator coil often needs to be replaced. The refrigerant corrodes the coils over time, causing them to leak. When this happens, you need a new coil.

    An evaporator coil replacement is costly, especially if you do not have a warranty. If the coils are worn out, it’s likely that the rest of the AC system is also failing. An HVAC specialist can help you find a cost-effective solution.

    The Best Evaporative Coil Replacement in Plainfield

    Evaporator Coil Replacement in Plainfield, IL An air conditioner’s evaporator coil is home to the refrigerant that absorbs heat from the air as it gets distributed throughout a building. In central air systems, it’s part of the indoor portion. It can be found either near the furnace or as part of the air handler system, which is a metal compartment that holds several AC components.

    A damaged or malfunctioning evaporator coil is likely the culprit if your AC system isn’t pumping out cold air. Give us a call and we’ll send an expert to your home to quickly take care of the problem before it gets any worse. Only a trained professional who understands the ins and outs of an air conditioning system should attempt to repair an evaporator coil.

    Evaporator Coil Maintenance

    Grime and other substances tend to build up with regular use of your air conditioning unit. It’s a good idea to clean the evaporator coil every one or two years as part of your home’s AC maintenance service. A clean and well-maintained evaporator coil should help keep you and your family cool all summer long.