The quality of your plumbing is key to the comfort of your home. It’s why TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing makes accessing top-notch plumbing services easy for all residents of Aurora, IL.

    If you want problem-free plumbing throughout the year, we are the residential plumbing contractor to call. 


    Plumbing services we provide include:
    • Drain Cleaning
    • Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling
    • Sump Pump Services
    • Water Leak Repairs
    • Electric and Gas Water Heater Services
    • Toilet Repair and Installation
    • Gas Line Repair and Installation

    You can count on us for all the above and more at competitive prices.

    For more reasons to choose us for all your plumbing needs, check out our latest customer reviews.

    Aurora’s Leading Residential Plumbing Contractor

    At TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’re the popular choice in Aurora and the West Chicago Suburbs for quick plumbing repairs with lasting results. We do everything from fixing leaking pipes and faucets to complete bathroom and kitchen plumbing makeovers.

    If any aspect of your plumbing is not to your satisfaction, simply give us a call, and we’ll send our licensed and polite technicians to give it a look. We have the expertise and specialized equipment to fix most plumbing faults on the spot and the first try.

    For plumbing fixtures that are beyond repair, we can provide you with budget-friendly replacement options.

    Electric and Gas Water Heater Services

    A water heater that fully satisfies the needs of a smaller family may not be a good fit for a larger family.

    If your current water heater isn’t meeting your needs, we can restore it with a hot water heater repair service. However, if it’s outdated or beyond repair, we’ll provide options for a hot water tank replacement.

    Alternatively, we can replace your tank water heater with an instant water heater installation.

    Electric and Gas Water Heater Services

    Also known as a tankless water heater, instant hot water heaters deliver hot water on demand. Because it doesn’t use a tank and heats water as you use it, you never have to worry about running out of hot water.

    As part of our tankless water heater services, we also provide water heater maintenance to keep your heating system running at peak performance.

    Worried about the cost of getting a new water heater? Check out our friendly financing options.

    Keep Your Drains Clog-Free

    As a full-service drain cleaning company, we provide clogged drain repair and maintenance services to fix:
    • Slow or stagnant drains
    • Recurring clogs
    • Backed up drains
    • Foul odors from drains

    Depending on the severity of the fault, we can fix it with:
    • Snaking: Suitable for minor clogs, snaking works by puncturing the blockage, making it easy to flush away.
    • Hydro-jetting: Uses high pressured water to blast away tough clogs and clean the inside of your pipes.
    • Pipe replacement: Replacement is the ideal option when a blocked pipe is beyond repair, such as if the pipe is broken by root invasion.
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