Choosing the right size air conditioner unit makes a big difference. The proper size of the unit will not only effect the temperature for every room in your home, the wrong size unit could cost you money.

A unit that is too large may cool more quickly but may impede the efficacy of the unit’s job.  An AC doesn’t just cool the air, it removes moisture from the air, the humidity, which is what makes us hot and sticky.  Though the air may be cool faster, if the unit doesn’t run long enough the moisture will not be extracted from the air properly.  The AC unit will then cycle on and off more frequently.

Size Matters

This AC Unit is Too Big

A central air conditioner that is too big will not run a full cycle and will cycle on and off more frequently to cool your home and remove moisture. The increased running will cost you more money.

This AC Unit is Too Small

If the central air conditioner is too small, it will end up running constantly because it doesn’t have enough power to cool your entire home.  This will also cost you more money.

This AC Unit is Just Right

A properly sized air conditioner will cool your home efficiently and remove the moisture effectively during its cooling cycle.  The unit will run when necessary, which will save you money on your energy bills.

However, when we talk about the “size” of the unit, we aren’t talking about the actual dimensions of the physical unit, but the cooling capacity.

Calculating the Right Sized Air Conditioner

Selecting the correct size of the air conditioner can be as simple as using a tape measure and a bit of math.

However, there are some other things to consider.  In order to find the best air conditioner for your specific home and your exact needs it is recommended that you contact an HVAC professional.

An HVAC professional can find the right AC for you!  Here at TR Miller Heating and Cooling we can help you get the right unit for your needs with our free estimate services.  Contact us today!

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