Father’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on everything dad has done to create the thinkers, doers, and problem-solvers we are today.

Watching our dads repair and maintain important functions within the home could certainly inspire while also teaching us vital DIY tricks that would come in handy time and time again; keeping up with maintenance on the home heating and air conditioning system was no exception.

Let’s take a look at some of the important things dad did to keep everything operating smoothly, in order for all of us to have clean air.

Remembering When to Change the Filters

Recall for a moment dad teetering on the rusty ladder he should have replaced years ago, reaching for the A/C filter, and trying not to knock all the vent screws he so carefully removed to the floor – comedy gold potential right there.

But on a serious note, dad replacing the filters of your home’s HVAC system did a lot by filtering out allergens and dust and preventing you from breathing in unhealthy air particles.

Filters are also essential in keeping things like loose insulation from going into the HVAC system and causing damage. Your dad remembering it’s time to change the filters played an important role in your home’s proper care.

Thank You For Not Forgetting to Clean the Outdoor Unit

I’m willing to bet no one in your family ever thought to clean the outdoor unit except your dad. Regularly cleaning the outside air conditioning unit, especially after a change in seasons, is exceptionally important to its functionality.

Throughout the year your outdoor unit will collect dirt, dust, and debris which can stifle its ability to maintain proper airflow, causing it to potentially overheat and breakdown.

So, the next time you see dad, be sure to give him a proper thank you for his regular A/C maintenance; dad’s thorough cleaning probably kept you from having to suffer through a hot summer’s day without air conditioning due to a broken unit.

Prevent Air Leakage from Your Home and Rest Easy

One of the number one causes of high utility bills and high temperatures in your home are drafts and cracks allowing cool air to escape.

All that work dad did chasing you away from the thermostat would be for naught if all the filtered air was simply flowing right back out! Here are some dad-approved tips to make sure your home is properly sealed:

  • Ensure your chimney flue is closed when not in use
  • Install weatherstrips on doors and windows that lead outside or to the basement or attic
  • Caulk or foam any gaps
  • Insulate the gaps around and behind recessed lighting

And if you’re unsure if that’s getting the job done to stop escaping air in your home, feel free to contact a pro.

Cheers to dad this Father’s Day for everything he did, including his thorough HVAC maintenance. His dedication was probably what kept you cool during the summer, warm during the winter, and influenced your proper care with your Air Conditioning unit today. Happy Father’s Day to all the DIY Dads out there!

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