Every May, we think about what to give our moms for Mother’s Day. While a nice gift can always go a long way to keeping her happy, acknowledging the symbolic gifts she gave is also key. Growing up, chances are your mom had plenty of chores for you to do.

While it was annoying at the moment, many of those lessons have gone on to change the way we live our lives today! Whether it’s cleaning the house or improving your health, those little things that annoyed you, now help you live your best life. So this year, in addition to your gifts, be sure to thank mom for those heating and air conditioning life lessons you may not have realized you learned.

How Fire Affects Our Environment and Our HVAC System

Stop playing with fire. If you have a fireplace in your home, you can use it during, however, playing with fire indoors, starting burn piles without the right rules, and general horseplay is never a good thing. Fire can affect you in two different ways.

For one, it can lead to serious property damage, which no one ever wants to deal with. Similarly, it can pollute the air in your home. When certain items burn, they create gases, which can actually hurt your lungs and health.

Additionally, they’ll force your HVAC system to work harder just to filter through them. This eventually translates into higher bills, possible home damage, and general discomfort in your home. Instead, put out the matches, and listen to moms sage advice, and never mess with fire.

Why Your Mother Was Obsessed with Gardening

Did your mother spend a lot of time tending to flowers or plants? Most mothers do. Gardening has many practical uses – not only do flowers and plants make the outside or even inside of your home look nicer, they have many other benefits.

Whether you’re using all natural fruits and veggies in your diet or you’re leveraging that plant life for cleaner air, tending a garden is a great option for your home.

Whether you start out small, a couple of plants indoors, or you’re taking on a major project for your yard, more greenery means improved benefits for your property. It can also go along way to helping you and your family and breathe healthier.

Heard “Vacuum that Floor!”?

Vacuuming and mopping are a great way to keep your floors looking good – so even if guests come they’ll be impressed with how tidy your home is. But, it also goes a long way to keeping dirt and dander out of your AC.

While mom liked the house to look good, she was also keeping that gunk out of your HVAC system as well. With a simple weekly vacuuming or even an automated floor cleaner, you could go a long way to improving the health of your home.

Whether your mom knew it or not, many of the chores she had in your home went beyond keeping everything tidy. It helped to keep you and your family healthy too. So this Mother’s Day, be sure to thank her for everything she did for you and your family.

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