Evaporator Coil ServicesAt TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we provide evaporator coil installation and repair services that are sure to have your AC back up and running at peak performance. Our evaporator coil services are available for homes and businesses throughout Downers Grove, IL. Don’t sweat it out — let our experts deliver services at your convenience.

    From central AC to ductless mini-split AC evaporator coil solutions, we deliver top results.

    Don’t Put Off Evaporator Coil Repairs

    Most evaporator coils are inside the AC air handler. The compressor moves refrigerant into the coil, which chills it. A fan then blows air over the coil to generate the chilled air that enters your rooms.

    If the evaporator coil is not cooling, your AC can’t generate cool air.

    When that happens, you will experience the following issues:
    • Increased energy bills: A faulty evaporator will consume more electricity but generate less cool air.
    • No temperature control: A well-functioning evaporator coil delivers cool air quickly and evenly. Problems with the system will make climate control impossible.
    • Complications: Continuing to use a faulty evaporator coil can damage other components within your AC.

    All the above will only worsen over time! Contact our team at TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for quick and efficient evaporator coil services in Downers Grove.

    Signs of an Evaporator Coil Issue

    Knowing when to call for evaporator coil services is key to preventing complications.

    Call us if you notice any of the following:
    • Warm air coming from the AC vents.
    • AC keeps powering on and off without cooling.
    • Water leaking from the air handler (inside unit).
    • Strange sounds coming from the AC, such as banging or hissing.
    • Signs of refrigerant leakage.
    • The AC won’t turn on.
    • Unpleasant odors coming from the AC vent.

    Evaporator Coil Maintenance

    Our licensed technicians have years of experience fixing evaporator coils from all manner of AC brands and types. An accurate diagnosis of the problem by an HVAC professional will tell us whether the system needs AC evaporator coil cleaning or more intensive repairs.

    If the damage is beyond repair, we also offer evaporator coil replacement services.

    Schedule AC repair or maintenance services to keep your cooling system functioning at its best.

    Why Choose Us?

    We are the number one choice for evaporator coil services throughout Downers Grove. We offer our services at competitive prices and work quickly to restore your AC to optimal performance.

    Despite being quick, our detail-oriented technicians make sure to deliver quality, lasting results on every job. All our installations also come with excellent warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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