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Nothing is worse than having an A/C breakdown on the hottest day of the year.  But as the weather gets warmer, the air conditioning unit has to work harder.   Here are eight steps to take to keep the unit running smoothly, maximize its efficiency, and keep your energy bills down:

    1. Keep the Filter Clean.

      In the summer, dust and allergens circulate, which can exacerbate allergies. They can also clog air filters, which will make your A/C unit work harder.  In fact, replacing the filter on your furnace is one of the easiest ways to save home energy costs.


    1. Keep it Clear.

      Keep lamps, televisions and other heat-producing appliances away from your thermostat. When installing a thermostat, consider placing where the sun won’t shine directly on it. 


    1. Check your Thermostat.

      Replacing an older thermostat with a programmable one is a relatively inexpensive way to regulate the temperature when you are at home, asleep or away.  Keeping the temperature higher during the days when you are at work can save a lot of energy. 


    1. Seal the Gaps.

      Caulking and adding weather-stripping around windows and doors will help keep the cool air in and warm air out.  Adding insulated curtains can also help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


    1. Keep it Free of Debris.

      Keep the outside air conditioning unit free of debris.  Maintain adequate air flow by keeping plants and shrubs 2-4 feet away from the outdoor unit.


    1. Use a Ceiling Fan.

      In the summer months, consider using a ceiling fan.  Make sure the fan runs counter clockwise in the summer.  Using this simple technique, will enable you to keep the thermostat turned higher – saving you money on your utility bill.


    1. Provide Proper Maintenance.

      Preventive maintenance is less expensive than repair bills.  Having your central air condition unit cleaned, checked and tuned will keep it running efficiently, and avoid an expensive and inconvenient service call on the hottest day of summer.  Make sure to call a professional licensed, insured and bonded Heating and Cooling Service – like us.  (Grab our June Coupon to save on an AC Clean.)


    1. Upgrade/Replace Old Equipment

      The cost savings realized by replacing an older inefficient air conditioner with a high efficiency model that is properly sized for your home could be significant. Talk to your HVAC professional to find out if your unit is still doing its job and to hear about all of the latest innovations in heating and cooling equipment.


We are here to help you stay cool this summer! 
TR Miller Heating & Cooling is family owned and operated. We are an Award-winning American Standard Customer Care Dealer and currently hold a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

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