Here’s something many homeowners in Plainfield, IL can relate to the same old dilemma every time your furnace breaks down. Should I have it fixed or replaced the furnace? It’s a problem, which basically comes down to figuring out when to finally splurge on a brand new unit vs. spending just enough to keep the old one going.

To help find a solution, you must face certain truths. How old is the furnace? Does it frequently need repairs? What’s the effect on my heating bill? There always comes a time when eventually the benefits of buying a modern device completely overshadow the frugal nature of only ordering repairs. Keeping this top of mind, let’s take a close look at several different factors.

What Age Is Your Furnace?

Furnaces are actually quite durable and on average last 17 years. If you spot trouble with your unit and its age has surpassed that number, it should probably be replaced right away.

All pieces of technology, be they home comfort systems or otherwise, eventually begin to exhibit problems brought on by old age. In this case, symptoms of a furnace nearing the end of its lifetime include failure to evenly warm up your home and strange, loud sounds coming from the unit.

It’s entirely within the realm of possibility a furnace could remain in operation much longer than 17 years, but holding onto it any longer is risky business and may end up costing you in the end.

Does it Break Down on a Regular Basis?

The downside of choosing to continue repairing your old furnace every time it needs fixing rather than invest in a new unit is, at some point, you will start putting more money into keeping it alive than it’s actually worth.

Perpetually paying to mend equipment isn’t a long-term strategy anyway. There always comes a time when a device needs to be replaced. It’s best to do it before you pour too much money into a busted up unit.

How Much Is Your Heating Bill?

Maybe the biggest factor when examining the problem of whether or not to have a unit repaired or buy a furnace replacement is how much the unit is costing you on your energy bill.

As units become older, they experience drops in efficiency, but what’s so impressive about modern furnaces is how energy efficient they can be.

Purchasing one may be expensive and a huge cost to bear, but the savings you earn due to eating up less energy every month could mean the unit ends up paying for itself before too long.

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