Most people wait until it gets cold before they think about their furnace.  When the weather gets chilly the switch gets flipped from “cool” to “heat” and they assume the heat will crank on and operate as it several months ago.  However, this is a common misconception.  Preparing your furnace for the cold weather before it hits is a smart move.

As the furnace ages, it becomes less efficient and may begin requiring repairs.  Whether you need a replacement or maintenance, it’s important to give your furnace and HVAC system some TLC this year.

Maintenance Mission

Like your car or other appliances, the HVAC system needs to be properly maintained to keep in good working order.   A good furnace maintenance strategy combines both professional assistance and DIY tasks to keep your system running smoothly.

Professional – Preventative maintenance on the furnace should be performed in the fall, prior to the first use of the season.  A professional HVAC tech will ensure the unit is clean and operating properly, making any necessary repairs or adjustments.

DIY – The filter should be checked monthly and changed as needed or per the manufacturer’s recommendation.  Vents and registers should be free of obstruction, clearing any furniture or other objects that may be over the openings and preventing air to properly flow through the ducts.  Finally, programming the thermostat based on the season will help keep the utility bills reasonable.

Maintenance Matters

Preventative maintenance done annually is smart and can save money in the long run.  IF you are questioning whether you need to schedule your furnace maintenance this fall, here are 6 benefits of preventative furnace maintenance done by a professional.

Preventative furnace maintenance:

  1. Reduces energy bills.
  2. Is energy efficient.
  3. Extends the life of the HVAC unit.
  4. Provides in-home comfort.
  5. Prevents breakdowns.
  6. Maintains the unit’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Here to Help

Whether you need a system install, preventative maintenance, or you are unsure what you need, the HVAC professionals at TR Miller Heating and Cooling can help.  Contact Us to set up a free estimate or schedule your preventative maintenance.  We can help you get ready for the cold winter ahead.

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