While everyone is getting excited about the big college basketball tournament, there is another event taking place at the end of this month. On March 20th, Spring officially begins!

Spring may look different in different areas of the country, but there are some environmental factors we can always count on to pollute the air.

Things like car emissions and second-hand smoke, as well as dust and pollen, not only contaminate the air outside our homes, they can affect our indoor air quality too if we’re not careful. Read on to learn what you can do to prevent outside pollution from threatening your indoor air.

Here’s Why You Should be Carpooling…

One way to protect your home and indoor air from greenhouse gas emissions (like the ones given off by most cars) is to reduce the number of cars on the road. How can you do that?

By carpooling with friends or family members to work, social events, or even school. If you’ve got children in school, maybe gather some of the other parents to start a drop-off/ pick-up pool.

Doing your part to reduce the number of cars on the road can also help reduce the amount of pollution that finds its way into your home.

…And Why You Shouldn’t be Smoking Indoors

A more tangible way that you can reduce pollution in your home and make your HVAC unit’s job a little easier is by not smoking indoors, or allowing others to. When you smoke indoors, you blow that smoke directly into the circulation of your HVAC system.

That means the smoke travels through your air ducts (likely leaving behind that nasty stale cigarette smell), into your unit, clogs your filter, and back out into your home again. You’d be how long it takes for the air in your home to be completely clean again!

Not to mention that the smoke clogs your air filter faster, so you’ll spend more money having to replace it more frequently. So, again, you could stop smoking inside, or you can stop smoking altogether!

…And Why a Clean Dehumidifier is Important

Finally, one way you can reduce the air pollution in your home is by making sure that your HVAC unit is equipped to efficiently filter out debris such as dust, pollen, dirt, pet hair, smoke, etc.

A big part of this is keeping the dehumidifier clean. If you don’t know what the dehumidifier is, it’s the part of your HVAC unit that stops dust and other debris from entering the unit and clogging the condenser coil.

When the dehumidifier is kept clean, the condenser coil works more efficiently, and the unit successfully blows clean, dry air into your home. Different environmental factors affect your heating and air conditioning system differently, just as the NCAA’s March Madness affects fans in different ways. Some fans are more involved in brackets and bets than others.

Some factors will influence your HVAC system directly and hugely, and others will not be noticeable right away. It is imperative that you keep a handle on your HVAC system and all the things that could be impacting it, in any way, just like it’s important for teams to acknowledge fans of all kinds and keep them happy.

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