TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing installs and replaces energy efficient mini-splits in Aurora, IL. Also known as ductless air conditioners, these cooling appliances have increased in popularity over the years. The main advantage they have over traditional AC systems is their energy efficiency.

A duct system can waste 20% of energy or more. On the other hand, a mini-split provides heat or cool air at each unit. The appliance also does not constantly turn off or on. It speeds up and slows down according to its needs, making it even more efficient.

With a ductless AC, you have both a cooling and heating device in one unit. You may not have to install additional heating equipment, which saves you space and money. During summer, when the AC is cooling your home, it dehumidifies the air, providing more comfort.

Another thing people love about mini-splits is that they can control each unit separately. Instead of having one set temperature for the whole house, each room can have its own. If you have a room that is seldom used, you can turn the unit off. This also works for rooms like your bedroom, where you only need cool air at certain times of the day. No more paying for unused electricity.