Mini-Splits in NapervilleAre you considering upgrading to mini-splits in Naperville, IL? If so, we’d love to tell you more about the benefits. A mini-split AC delivers cool air directly into different zones of your home. They comprise a small outdoor unit and one or more units that are installed around the home in one or several areas.

    We can give you advice on the best areas to install your mini-splits so that they give you maximum comfort where you need it and maximum control. If you are looking for a way to cool your home for less, our ductless systems offer the perfect solution. They are ideal for new areas of your home, apartments, and homes without ducts, and for improving temperature control in specific rooms.

    We’d be delighted to tell you more about our systems and help you to get the best from your AC. If you’d like to find out more about reducing your energy costs and personalizing your cooling, our team is here to answer any questions and provide you with a cost-effective estimate.

    What Is a Ductless Mini Split AC System?

    Ductless mini-split AC systems generally work like central air conditioners without all of the complex ductwork. These systems are made up of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, however, they are much smaller than traditional systems. They can be installed in several different rooms or “zones” and independently controlled for customized comfort.

    Having the unit in the room eliminates the need for having ducts in your home because these systems deliver the air straight into your home. Homeowners enjoy these systems for their ease of use and energy savings.

    Mini-Split AC in Naperville

    Efficient Mini-Splits in Naperville

    There are many reasons to consider our mini-splits in Naperville. Perhaps your existing AC system is starting to cost more and more in running costs. Or maybe you’ve lost count of the number of faults it’s generated recently. Let us help you to take control of your costs and experience superior comfort with our mini-split AC systems.

    We’ve carefully selected the systems for our range to ensure you get the best from your AC unit for many years to come. These are systems that we already have in our homes or that we’d be very happy to have in our homes. We’ll only ever recommend mini-splits that are dependable and efficient and which give you complete control over your cooling.

    Discover for yourself why we’re number one for HVAC installation by calling us today. We’ll give you more information about our systems and leave you with a cost-effective estimate to consider without any pressure.

    Our mini-splits offer so many benefits, including:
    • Quick and Easy Installation: These units don’t require complex duct systems so installing one in your home is a breeze.
    • Heating and Cooling: You can use this system to both heat and cool your home.
    • Energy Efficient: You don’t have to worry about leaking ducts because conditioned air will be delivered right into your home which translates to money savings for you.
    • Zoning: Being able to individually control the temperature in each part of your home will increase comfort and save you money!

    Take a breath of fresh air and upgrade your home with our air cleaning and filtration services. Schedule with us today!

    Get a Mini-Split AC Quote Today

    If you’re interested in finding out more about a mini-split AC and getting the comfort you deserve, speak to our team today. Our NATE-certified technicians are here to give you the lowdown on these efficient systems and the difference they can make to your comfort.

    We’ll visit your home to work out the best location for your mini-split AC units. We’ve been providing our systems and services since 2008 and we’re proud to be a BBB-accredited business. We offer award-winning service you can count on and we’ll always go above and beyond for your comfort.

    Whether you are ready to go ahead with the installation, or you’re just weighing up the benefits and costs right now, we’d be very happy to help you. We’ve helped many customers to discover the difference ductless cooling can make to their comfort throughout the summer.

    Ductless Mini-Splits in Naperville

    Call the team at TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today to find out more about our mini-splits in Naperville and what we can do to elevate your comfort. Discover the freedom that going ductless can bring.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the advantages of upgrading to mini-splits in Naperville?

    Upgrading to mini-splits in Naperville offers numerous benefits, including personalized cooling, energy efficiency, easy installation, and the ability to cool specific zones of your home.

    Can mini-split AC systems be used for both heating and cooling?

    Yes, mini-split AC systems can be used for both heating and cooling, providing year-round comfort in your home. They offer efficient heating during colder months and effective cooling during hot summers.

    What is involved in the installation process of mini-split AC units?

    The installation process of mini-split AC units involves mounting the indoor units in desired locations, connecting them to the outdoor unit with refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring, and ensuring proper placement for optimal performance and efficiency.

    How do mini-split AC systems contribute to energy savings?

    Mini-split AC systems contribute to energy savings by eliminating the need for ductwork, delivering conditioned air directly into the home, and allowing for personalized temperature control in each zone, reducing energy waste.

    Do mini-split AC systems require regular maintenance?

    Yes, like any HVAC system, mini-split AC systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. This includes cleaning or replacing air filters, inspecting components for debris, and checking refrigerant levels.

    What are the benefits of zoning with mini-split AC systems?

    Zoning with mini-split AC systems allows for individual temperature control in different areas of your home, increasing comfort and energy efficiency. You can cool specific zones as needed, saving energy and reducing costs.

    Are mini-split AC systems environmentally friendly?

    Yes, mini-split AC systems are environmentally friendly, as they use energy-efficient technology and eliminate the need for ductwork, reducing energy waste and carbon emissions.

    What makes mini-splits a suitable option for homes without ductwork?

    Mini-splits are ideal for homes without ductwork because they deliver conditioned air directly into each room, eliminating the need for ducts. This allows homeowners to enjoy efficient cooling without the expense and hassle of installing ductwork.

    How do mini-splits contribute to improved indoor air quality?

    Mini-splits contribute to improved indoor air quality by using advanced filtration systems to remove airborne pollutants, allergens, and contaminants. This helps create a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

    Can mini-split AC systems be controlled remotely?

    Yes, many mini-split AC systems come with remote control options, allowing you to adjust temperature settings, fan speeds, and other settings from anywhere in your home. Some models also offer Wi-Fi connectivity for remote access via smartphone apps.

    What factors should homeowners consider when choosing mini-split AC units?

    When choosing mini-split AC units, homeowners should consider factors such as the size and layout of their home, cooling capacity needed for each room, energy efficiency ratings, additional features like programmable thermostats or smart controls, and budget constraints.

    What is the typical lifespan of a mini-split AC system?

    The typical lifespan of a mini-split AC system is around 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance and care. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters and checking refrigerant levels, can help extend the lifespan of your system and ensure optimal performance.

    Can mini-split AC systems be integrated with existing HVAC systems?

    Yes, mini-split AC systems can be integrated with existing HVAC systems to provide supplemental cooling or heating in specific areas of your home. This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in maintaining indoor comfort.

    Do mini-split AC systems require a dedicated electrical circuit?

    Yes, mini-split AC systems typically require a dedicated electrical circuit to ensure safe and reliable operation. Our technicians can assess your electrical system and make any necessary recommendations for installation.