Toilet Repair and ReplacementA clogged toilet can be everything from a smelly and unsightly mess to a health hazard. If your toilet frequently gets clogged, TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can provide a lasting solution to the problem.

    For years, we’ve been providing clogged toilet repair services in Naperville, IL, and have become the first choice for households looking for fast and effective solutions. Regardless of how severe the clog is, we can cost-effectively resolve the problem with minimal disruption to your home’s convenience.

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    How to Prevent Toilet Clogs

    Toilet clogs are typically caused by blockages in the toilet’s plumbing. That blockage may be due to accumulated waste, or something you recently flushed jamming up the drainpipe. The most common blockage culprits can be split into two categories – simple clogs and foreign objects.

    Simple clogs are typically a result of flushing too much toilet paper at once. It can also be caused by flushing solid waste or non-water-soluble items. Non-soluble water items in this instance include paper towels, diapers, female hygiene products, prophylactics, and others.

    Foreign objects, on the other hand, consist of items that have no business being flushed down the toilet. The most common cases we’ve seen include children flushing toys, clothes, bottles, and other items that would clog any toilet.

    To reduce the likelihood of experiencing a clog in the future, we recommend adhering to the following tips:
    • Having a bin in the bathroom for disposing of non-soluble items.
    • Flushing frequently or not waiting to fill up the toilet before flushing.
    • Putting a childproof lock on the toilet if you have children.
    • Using thinner toilet paper or using less toilet paper before flushing.
    • Getting regular drain cleaning services.

    How We Repair Clogs

    In our years of fixing clogged toilets in Naperville, we’ve seen various types of blockages. Our experience with various types of clogs gives us the expertise to fix any clog on the spot and in one visit.

    To provide the best solution, we start by first assessing the clog to determine the cause. We have several ways of doing this, including a specialized camera for inspecting the inside of your plumbing.

    Once we identify the cause of the clog, we can implement the best solution for lasting results. In severe cases, the best solution is toilet replacement. We typically recommend getting a new toilet installation if the current one is a low flow toilet that can’t meet your needs.

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    Why Work with Us?

    With our unique understanding of plumbing systems in the West Chicago Suburbs, you can count on us for the best results for all your plumbing issues, including repairing clogged toilets.

    Other reasons to choose TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for your toilet jobs include:
    • Licensed, courteous technicians
    • Convenient scheduling
    • Competitive and transparent pricing
    • Quick turnaround times

    How to Prevent a Toilet Blockage?

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