Sewer Video InspectionUnfortunately, while your sewer line might be out-of-sight-out-of-mind, when you suspect there’s a problem with it you cannot delay having the issue diagnosed. If you notice signs of an issue, call TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to schedule sewer video inspections in Naperville, IL. Our certified technicians will use a non-invasive technique to quickly and easily determine if there is a problem, and exactly where it is located. A family-owned and operated company, we provide excellent customer service and straightforward pricing.

    Act quickly when you need sewer line repairs. Call us to schedule an appointment with our certified technicians.

    Signs You Need a Sewer Video Inspection?

    While you can’t visibly see problems with your sewer line, there are symptoms you can watch for that can indicate you should schedule sewer video inspection services with a professional.

    These can include:
    • Bad odors: The smell of sewage coming from your drains or around the outside of your house can be an indication of sewer line issues.
    • Slow drains: While slow drains can be a sign of a minor clog, they can also indicate a larger issue with your sewer line.
    • Gurgling sounds: Gurgling noises from your drains or the sound of water when your faucets are not running can also signal a sewer line problem.
    • Increased water bills: A sudden increase in your water bills — when your usage hasn’t changed — can signal a burst or leaking line.
    • Water damage: A leak in the sewer line can result in water damage around your property. You could also notice mold and mildew.
    • Wet patches in your yard: If a sewer line bursts it can cause water to seep into your yard. This can result in a greener, lusher yard, or wet patches.

    Reasons to Book a Sewer Camera Inspection

    Sewer camera inspections can be beneficial at quickly identifying issues in your sewer line.

    Some circumstances where you should book an appointment are:
    • If you want to locate a leak: A video inspection can diagnose the leak and pinpoint its exact location.
    • If you don’t want your yard dug up: If a sewer line bursts, your yard might need to be dug up to repair it – leaving a large trench in your lawn. Camera inspections are non-invasive, so the problem can be located quickly and repairs can be scheduled before the pipe breaks and your yard becomes a construction zone.
    • If you want proof of the status of your sewer line: If you’re selling your home and you want to assure the new buyers your sewer line is functioning properly, you can schedule a video inspection and give the potential buyers the video as proof of the line’s condition.

    When you have a blockage in your sewer line, contact us to learn about our sewer main line clearing services in Naperville.

    What To Expect During Sewer Video Inspections

    When you hire a technician to perform a sewer video inspection, you might be curious as to how the process works and what to expect. Rest assured, the inspection will not inconvenience you. During these services, a technician will first locate the plumbing lines and access points in your property. When he’s ready, he’ll put the camera down the line and start the recording. After the inspection, he will discuss any findings and potential issues with you, and you can decide on the next steps.

    Sewer Video Inspections: What You Need To Know

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