Water Heater ReplacementIf you’re looking for water heater installation in Bolingbrook, IL, then TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has you covered. Our team of expert plumbing professionals is well adept at maintaining, servicing, installing, and replacing water heaters of all types, including both tank water heaters and tankless models. When you’re looking for a new water heater, we’re the team to call.

    Time for a New Water Heater in Bolingbrook?

    Most people don’t look to upgrade their water heating systems until repairs become futile. At some point, repairing your unit as opposed to just replacing it no longer makes sense. For most water heaters, especially electric models, that usually occurs around the 10-year mark, although with proper maintenance and regular flushing, you might get up to 15 years from your unit. For gas models, it might be sooner or later, with most units lasting from eight to 12 years on average.

    A new water heater offers:
    • Energy efficiency
    • Faster hot water recovery
    • Compact designs
    • Bigger supply of water

    Among the perks of updating or replacing your existing water heater, energy efficiency ranks at the top. If your water heater is 10 years old or even older, then it is outdated and costs you more to operate than a newer-generation unit. Today’s water heaters are more energy-efficient than ever before, with many of them costing just pennies per day to operate. This is especially true of tankless heaters that heat water on demand as you need it instead of keeping a whole tank of water hot and ready for use.

    Faster hot water recovery is a great benefit of a new water heater system. More efficient models reheat water faster than ever before. And in the case of the tankless water heater, water is heated only as you need it, so you have a nearly constant supply.

    Modern water heaters are also more compact than ever before, so they require less space for installation. Again, tankless heaters are the most compact, since they have no storage tank, making them perfect for installations where square footage is at a premium.

    And finally, if your water heating needs have changed since your old unit was installed, an upgrade can include a larger tank if you don’t opt for a tankless model. This means that the whole family can shower without the worry of running out of hot water.

    Check on water heater

    Trusted Water Heater Installation in Bolingbrook

    If you’re experiencing problems with your water heater, those problems are not going to resolve themselves. Ignoring the warning signs that your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced can lead to more expensive problems such as tank corrosion and leaks.

    Our team from TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can install your new water heater efficiently and quickly. Give us a call now to schedule a repair or to arrange a water heater installation in Bolingbrook.

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