The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option is a great way to get repairs fixed quickly or complete home maintenance projects.  Additionally, DIY can save you some money.

However, the one area a major DIY project is not wise is the HVAC system.    Some repairs and maintenance issues done on your own can potentially cause larger issues later or may require a trained and licensed professional.

However, there are some basic maintenance tasks you can do on your own to keep your system running smoothly, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

9 DIY HVAC Tasks

1.  Ensure proper ventilation in your home by changing the furnace filter regularly.

2.  Regularly clean your AC drain line, once a month is recommended.

3.  Seal air leaks in your home as much as possible, close doors where exhaust fans are running (bathroom), do not leave doors or windows open unnecessarily.

4.  Program the thermostat appropriately, program the AC or furnace to run more when the home is occupied and slow it down when no one is home.

5.  Plant bushes or shrubbery around your AC unit to keep it in the shade.

6.  Regularly clean around the AC unit, removing debris, leaves, etc.

7.  Ensure no flammable chemicals, paint, rags, etc. are located around or near the furnace.

8.  Clean the air vents a couple time a year with soapy water.

9.  Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors throughout your home.

When to Skip the DIY Project & Call a Professional

Beyond these 9 hacks, it is not recommended that you perform major repairs or modifications to your system without a professional.

The HVAC system is complicated and requires more than an online search or a quick view of a YouTube video to figure out how to make a repair.  Additionally, there is a lot of technology involved that technicians are trained in and keep up to date with all the latest changes, beyond what you can learn with a Google search.

Leaving the repairs and maintenance to a professional is important for a few reasons, as listed below.

Proper Equipment & Tools

The proper equipment is also required to successfully perform an HVAC repair.  These tools cannot be substituted and are not typically found in the average home toolbox.  Trying to repair your HVAC system with the incorrect tools could worsen the problem.

DIY May Void the Warranty

Most of the HVAC components have a life expectancy and tend to come with their own warranties.  Warranties have strict conditions.  If there is evidence of a repair or maintenance done by an unauthorized person it could void the warranty, which will result in unnecessary costs for you.  (Warranties also usually require annual maintenance, also done by a professional.)

DIY Danger

The HVAC system components use high pressure and high voltage electricity.  This means a DIY project could potentially result in a gas leak, personal injury, or even a house fire.

The compressor, condenser, evaporator coil, and furnace are dangerous to handle without training.  The refrigerant gas is highly pressured and can explode out of the various coils, causing injury (like freeze-drying your skin instantly.)

DIY Could be Illegal

Sanctioned by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the 608 certification specifies that only professionals handle the more dangerous parts of the HVAC system, especially the refrigerant.

Hire the Right Professional

To ensure following the law, protecting yourself from serious injury, and keeping your home safe it is recommended to hire a professional HVAC Technician to complete repairs and perform annual maintenance.  When looking for a professional it is advised that you hire a technician with NATE Certification.  The NATE (North American Technician Excellence) tests guarantee quality training.

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