You may think that covering floor vents in rooms that are not used often is a great way to get the rest of the home warmer.  This is a very common misconception. Regardless of the number of rooms and vents you have in your home; your HVAC system will produce the same amount of air (warm or cool.)  Covering or closing floor vents could increase the chances of damaging your HVAC system and is an unnecessary energy and financial waste.

The Dangers of Covering Air Vents

Restrict Airflow

Your HVAC system works the best when the air is flowing throughout the entire system.  When you force excess air to flow in another direction it can compromise the temperature in your home

Wasteful Spending

Restricting or blocking airflow from one or more rooms can make your system work harder than it needs to in order to regulate the temperature in your home.  This means your system will run more often, which translates to higher monthly bills and additional expenses you could easily avoid.

Damage the Heat Exchanger

Blocking the natural flow of air can also cause a buildup of air pressure.  This pressure could lead to issues with your heat exchanger.  This pressure could potentially cause the exchanger to crack and result in carbon monoxide emissions.

Air Duct Issues

Increased air pressure forcing its way through the duct system causes the ducts to wear down quicker.  Homes with older air duct materials could have cracks or create leaks more easily.

There are better ways to fix the temperature inside your home. Invest in windows, drapes, and blinds especially made to repel the elements and don’t forget to schedule maintenance for your heating and air conditioning system.

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