AC Filter ReplacementsOne of the most important things you can do to keep your air conditioning secure is to perform maintenance on your system. This includes remembering to replace your AC or furnace filter on a regular basis. These routine filter changes are vital to keeping your system performing properly and keeping the air quality in your home high. You may be shocked to discover that the air inside your home is more polluted than outside and your filters play a huge role in this.

    We know that filter replacement isn’t always the first thing on your mind, but it’s super important to stay on top of your filter replacements. While this can usually be done on your own, you may want a professional in Naperville, IL to perform regularly scheduled changes to ensure you are changing it frequently enough and using the right one for your system.

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    When to Change Your Filters

    Don’t underestimate the importance of regular filter changes. Most filters that homeowners purchase may come with instructions on how to install and how frequently it should be done. Your packaging may say “change every 90 days” or “replace every 3 months”.

    While these general guidelines are helpful, depending on your home and needs, you may need to swap out your filters more or less often.
    • Pet Households: If you have a pet, you should change your filter more frequently – at least every 60 days for one pet and every 20-30 days for multiple pet households.
    • Allergy Households: If you or a family member suffers from allergies, you should switch out your filter frequently – every 20-45 days.
    • Type of Filter: Some filters last longer than others. If you have high-grade air filters, you may have to change less frequently.

    The Benefits of Regular Filter Replacement

    Many homeowners overlook replacing their filters regularly. This is because you rarely see your filter and the important job it serves. A smart homeowner understands that keeping your AC or furnace working properly involves paying attention to this specific service.

    Here’s why you should be changing regularly:
    • Extends the life of your AC or furnace.
    • Keeps energy costs low.
    • Boost air quality inside your home.
    • Keeps your HVAC system clean.
    • Increased efficiency and performance.

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    Advantages of HVAC Filter Replacement Services

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    We know that filter changes can be a DIY job but we understand that most homeowners want to make sure that they are using the proper filter as well as installing it correctly. We can also recommend the best filter for your home.

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