Our expert technicians at TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing provide award-winning heating maintenance in Joliet, IL. With the cold Juliet winters, it’s imperative that our customers stay warm, no matter the temperature. Our work ranges from furnace tune-ups to urgent services, so we’re available for you around the clock to keep your heating systems running well year-round.

    Exceptional Heating Maintenance in Joliet

    Furnace Tune-UpFurnace tune-ups are a way you help your heating unit continue to run smoothly each year. When you schedule a tune-up, we perform an inspection and cleaning so we can stay ahead of any unnecessary problems or catch them early. This way, with seasonal maintenance, we can help you and your family stay safe and warm, your home energy-efficient, and your furnace last as long as possible.

    To catch any issue before it gets worse, let us know if you notice any strange signs that could be a red flag indicating an inspection or repair may be needed.

    These are some signs to watch for that indicate your furnace may need repair:
    • Strange sounds such as banging or creaking
    • Odd smells coming from the unit
    • Noticeable increases in your utility bill
    • Cold areas of your home
    • Your furnace simply isn’t keeping up with your thermostat

    Sometimes, especially in an older home, it becomes clear that the most energy-efficient solution to a malfunctioning furnace is a new heating installation. This can greatly increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your heating costs long-term. We can help you determine whether you would be better off with a new furnace or a more modern heat pump that can double as a cooling unit.

    Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up in Joliet Today

    At TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we value open communication and honesty and want to help you make the best decisions for you and your family, whether it be repair or new installation. We’re a family-owned company and care about our customers being listened to and heard.

    We have been awarded with ACCA membership and are NATE accredited. We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies and getting things done right the first time.

    Stay warm and cozy in your home throughout this winter and every winter. Call us at TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to schedule your heating maintenance in Joliet today!

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