Slab Leak RepairIf you think you have a slab leak, contact a professional for slab leak detection and repair—in Naperville, IL, you won’t find a better professional than those on our qualified team at TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

    The sooner we find and fix your slab leak, the less damage to your property, and the less you’ll spend fixing it. With our expertise repairing various types of slab leaks, you can count on us to deliver exceptional results, regardless of how simple or complicated the slab leak is.

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    Do I Have a Slab Leak?

    Slab leaks are any type of leak happening under the concrete foundation of a building. These types of leaks are insidious because you typically don’t know they are there until substantial water damage has been done to the foundation of your building. Slab leaks can also ruin your piping system and cause mold and mildew.

    Because slab leaks occur under the foundation of a building, knowing whether or not you have one can be tricky.

    If you notice any of the following, give us a call for an inspection:
    • Hear running water under the ground with no visible source of the sound.
    • Unusually high water bills from the water waste under the foundation.
    • Inexplicable floor cracks.
    • Damp or moldy smell from excess moisture under the ground.
    • Reduced water flow caused by low water pressure.
    • If the damaged pipe under the floor carries hot water, you’ll notice warm spots over the ground covering the slab leak.

    If you notice any of the above on your Naperville property, please don’t hesitate to call TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for foundation leak detection services.

    How We Detect Slab Leaks

    It’s one thing to suspect you have a slab leak. It’s another thing to verify you have one. At TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we have specialized tools for detecting even the smallest home foundation leak without damaging your property.

    For most homes in the West Chicago Suburbs, we perform slab leak detection by using your building’s water valves and meters to ascertain whether water is escaping from an unseen leak. If there are signs of a leak, we’ll use a detecting device to identify exactly where the leak is under your foundation.

    The service is quick, cost-effective, and requires no excavating.

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    Professional Slab Leak Repair Services

    Before starting slab leak repair, we have to determine its cause.

    For most West Chicago Suburbs properties, slab leaks are caused by:
    • Corrosion from soil chemicals
    • Long term vibration
    • Human error
    • Shifting ground
    • Construction defect or poor piping installation

    Once we know the cause, we can fix the problem through pipe relining, repiping, or pipe rerouting. Regardless of the solution approach, we guarantee a quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

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